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Analog/Mixed-signal IC Design

As IC process technology shrink down and the requirement for product differentiation stick out Full-custom analog/Mixed-signal IC products must meet some market segment and reduce time-to-market. So that, improve efficiency, smooth design flow and inherit of the original design data are significant challenges for EDA tools.
Empyrean’s Full-custom analog/mixed-signal IC design solution is based on OpenAccess standard data format; as well it supports the industry-standard iPDKs. As a total solution it integrates Empyrean’s Full-custom analog/mixed-signal IC design platform-Aether, high-performance SPICE simulator-Aeolus, waveform viewer-iWave, physical verification tool-Argus and 3D RC extraction tool-RCExplorer. It provides customers a smooth Full-custom analog/mixed-signal design flow with high efficiency, as well reduces design risks and time-to-market.