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Founded in 2009, Empyrean is the largest-scale and fast growing EDA & IP provider in China. We are well versed in designer’s requirements and offers  ultra- low power high performance  Analog &Mixed Signal IPs including ADC&DAC ,PLL , Audio CODEC ,LVDS,LDO ,SerDes, etc . Which can be widely used in Internet of Things (IoT) including Modern Communication devices, High speed interfaces designs, Battery-powered and portable equipment and Multimedia entertainment products. Having been proven by major foundries with the process 250nm to 28nm. 

We also provides customization and application service:

  • Analog/Mixed Signal IP Design Service

    Customization, Migration , Analog Design Service and Turn-key

  • Memory Compiler Service

    Signal Port/Dual Port High Density, High Performance, Low Power SRAM, Multi-Port Register File

  • Standard Cell Library Service

  • Physical Design Service 


IP & Design Service