Skipper is a high performance chip finishing tool with ultra large capacity.

It combines an optimized database and highly effective memory management. It can handle huge designs with 100GB GDS data and performs fast data import, management, editing and searching operations with relatively small system resources, greatly reducing update time.


Key Benefit 

  • Dramatically reduce geometric data procesing time

  • Improve tape-out productivity

  • Integrated solution for a wide-range of applications including layout integration , chip-finishing, focused ion beam (FIB), mask data verification, inspection and failure analysis


Key Features 

  • Ultra-large scale ( 100+ GB) layout viewer / navigator / editor

  • Efficient memory footprint

  • Support GDSII / OASIS / MEBES

  • High performance and convenient IP merge

  • Rapid layout-vs-Layout (XOR) comparison

  • Built-in DRC/LVS debugger



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