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Empyrean Received "Local Innovative Company Award" in 2013 EDN China
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On November 12, 2013, at the award ceremony of "Innovation Award of EDN China 2013" held by EDN China (" Electronics Design"), Empyrean was recognized by the industry and stood out in dozens of local companies, and was awarded the 2013 "Local Innovative Company Award." The award was rewarded to the local companies which achieved outstanding results in product development and business development in the past year. In the field of FPD, Empyrean, as the first full workflow solutions provider of flat panel design (FPD) field, based on the unique needs of FPD product design and the market situation characterized by the shortage of complete solutions, it has innovatively developed a series of design automation products such as ArgusFPD, AeolusFPD and RCEFPD; in terms of IC products, Empyrean chose the timing sequence analysis field which combined the technical difficulty and market space into one, and developed a number of specialty tool products in the internationally leading position; Meanwhile, Empyrean is actively providing better solutions for local foundry and design units; based on the Chinese market demand, it continues to seek innovation in marketing and management to respond to the complex changes in the market environment.
The campaign of 2013 was organized by EDN China by inviting 500,000 readers and website users for participation and voting. The final products and companies shall be subject to four stages of appraisal including audit materials, online promotion, public voting and expert appraisal selection, so as to unveil the final list of winners.

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