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The Third "Empyrean Cup" College IC Design Contest Closed with Completeness
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The 2013 (Third Session) "Empyrean Cup" College IC Design Contest co-hosted by the Beijing Institute of Electronics and Tianjin Institute of Electronics on September 22 was successfully concluded in Beijing.
"Empyrean Cup" is the only domestic-based integrated platform contest of the whole process, which is designed to enrich the specialized knowledge of students in microelectronics major, to cultivate the students’ practical ability and to promote the exchange and development of national college microelectronics major as well as to boost the popularization and application of design and manufacturing platform of domestication integrated circuit.
The contest started from April this year, with the theme of the self-generated chip design by using EDA software platform. The contest attracted thousands of students of the corresponding majors for signing up. The 38 finalist teams and over 200 students came to Beijing for the finals and won the opportunity of CSMC MPW.
The contest was greatly supported by the Chinese proprietary EDA tool provider "Empyrean", the world's leading simulated wafer foundry enterprise "CSMC" and Beijing Chipone Co., Ltd. A number of institutions including Ministry of CSIP and the National Super-computing Center (Tianjin Center) ("Super Computer Center") were involved in the contest for guidance and direction. Supercomputer Center (Tianjin Center) is currently the largest and most powerful super-computing center in China, which operates on the basis of providing high-tech public services and promoting information industry development; its services cover high performance computing, industrial design and simulation, collaborative development of cloud platform and many other fields. By making use of the above "cloud platform”, the next contest of Empyrean will provide more convenient EDA tools and technical support services for colleges and universities.
The past three sessions contests have witnessed that "Empyrean Cup" IC Design Contest has grown to become a domestic IC design expertise competition with high degree of professional authority, which gained the recognition and attention from microelectronics majors of many colleges and universities. To promote the cultivation of talents of integrated circuit, the Ministry of Industry Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center stated that they would cooperate with Empyrean to train the talents of shortage in the professions of IC design and flat design direction. Moreover, "Empyrean Cup" will contribute to the talents training and cultivation of China IC design.

Qin Ming, Deputy general manager of Empyrean (first from right), Qu Dawei, Deputy director of the Ministry of Industry Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center (second from right ) and Gao Guohua, Deputy Director of Beijing Industry Academy jointly inaugurated for the Training Center of IC & Panel Design to train the national IT personnel in shortage

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