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Empyrean Participates in 2016 TSMC OIP Design Ecosystem Symposium
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 2016 TSMC Open Innovation Platform (OIP) Design Ecosystem China Forum is coming soon in Beijing!
This is the debut of Empyrean entering into TSMC’s OIP Design Ecosystem. As a partner of TSMC’s EDA, Empyrean will have on-site demonstration. Looking forward to having face-to-face discussion with you!
Time: 8:20a.m.-4:50p.m. on October 25, 2016
Place: Shangri-La Hotel Beijing
The ClockExplorer, a clock analysis and diagnosis platform, is an EDA Solution that has been recognized by TSMC recently and is becoming a “must use” tool for optimizing complex SoC design procedures.
In the complex design of SoC, for the achievements of shortened transmission delay and lower power consumption in the synthesis of clock tree, it is of great importance to provide a platform for clock analysis, checking and optimization. ClockExplorer provides such a platform that only needs you to push a button. It can help you to analyze complex clock structure, clock tree overall quality, and timing sequence correlation, etc. Through systematic clock analysis and optimization, the problems and impediments in clock design can be discovered, with clock transmission delay further shortened and clock power consumption reduced. It serves as a bridge that connects the front-end and back-end designs. This will enable engineers to discuss the design of clock structure and limitations on this uniformed platform, which will greatly increase the efficiency of clock system design and ensure the clock tree overall quality.

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